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Why Get a Pre-Inspection?

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Hey everyone, I wanted to stop by today to talk about the importance of getting a pre-inspection on your home before you list it. 

When I say pre-inspection, I am talking about your standard home and pest/termite inspection. Instead of the buyer ordering it after they make an offer, however, this inspection is done prior to the home being listed. This inspection will check for any major issues that would effect the value or safety of the home, including electrical or plumbing problems. 

If you're thinking of selling your home, getting it inspected will create a better environment for you in negotiations.  In Nevada County, a buyer will make an offer on a house, then set aside the 17-day inspection period, where they will go through various inspections.

However, if you've already done this yourself, you can hand the inspection report to the buyer as soon as they make an offerIt doesn't prevent the buyer from having their own home inspection, but most of the time it stops them from ordering one. By doing this, you can shorten the inspection period to about 7 days. 

So don't waste 2.5 weeks on inspections. Doing pre-inspections can help you get the ball rolling faster, and can even help you price your home more effectively.
All in all, pre-inspections make the home selling process a whole lot smoother. 

If you have any questions for us, feel free to give us a call or send us a quick email. We look forward to speaking with you!

Easy Ways to Neutralize the Look of Your Home

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Today I just wanted to show you a video from HGTV that showcases how a home can be neutralized in order to attract more buyers. When you're selling your home it's important to remember that it is a product that people want to buy, so you need to depersonalize it.

This would mean removing any flashy paint colors like pink or neon, because as much as you like it, a lot of potential buyers will probably not enjoy it as much as you do. Earth tones work well, like beige or off-white.

It's also important that the color scheme of your home is uniform throughout the home. It can be jarring for a buyer to walk into a bright red bedroom when the rest of the home is painted white.
It's also important to remember that sometimes less is more. Clutter in the home can distract buyers from what your home offers, and you want them to see your home, not all of your belongings.

To get a better idea of what you might need to do, just watch the video above. Also, don't be afraid to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.

I'm always here to help you!

What Trends Are We Seeing in Nevada County Real Estate?

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Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog. I'm here to deliver you the latest information about the Nevada County real estate market. Today I am going to give you an update on what we saw in the first quarter of 2015.

Basically, it's all good news out there. We saw 4% home appreciation near the end of 2014, and my team's sales are up 40% so far in 2015. We are seeing a lot more movement in the higher price points in the market (above $600,000). Interest rates are still very favorable as well and are fueling the marketplace.

If you're thinking about selling and curious about the value of your home, give me a call. If you aren't, but happen to know somebody who is, pass along my information and have them contact me. Thanks again for tuning in! We will talk to you soon!